At Rippledot Capital our first and foremost commitment is to our clients and their interests.

Rippledot Capital is uniquely positioned to connect companies, entrepreneurs and investors to the vast opportunities emerging in the Asia Pacific region. We have a deep business and cultural understanding of the region which allows us to give unique insights into opportunities and business strategies.

We do so with four core principles which underpin our approach:
Complete Client Commitment
Our clients are our central focus and we will always be committed to our clients and their interests.

Regional Expertise
We are located in and focused on the Asia Pacific region and will connect our clients to opportunities in the region.

Sector Expertise
We will provide expertise across a number of key sectors, including Telecoms, Media and Technology (TMT), Oil & Gas support services, Industrials and Food and Beverage.
First Class Execution
We will provide continuous and seamless services from deal origination to transaction execution involving senior executives from start to finish.